Hey Dollface!

Vintage Logo

Hey Dollface is a jewelry line constructed with vintage components. The client requested a logo that was "vintage and feminine." Drawing inspiration from 1950's department store logos, I drew up several variations of before finally settling on the this one.

Gone By Friday

Band Logo

The band wanted a logo with a hand-drawn feel that was also legible. The second slide shows the logo used in an album release teaser video.

An Island Entire of Itself

Title Card

The Director of the film wanted a vintage style title card to fit in with the film noir look of his short. I designed the title in pencil and ink before digitizing the image in order to add simulated film noise and a wash for the background.

Richmond Hood Co.

American Excess T-Shirt

Talk about this portfolio piece--who you did it for and why, plus what the results were (potential customers love to hear about real-world results). Discuss any unique facets of the project--was it accomplished under an impossible deadline?--and show how your business went above and beyond to make the impossible happen.