Knowledge Bennett “Orange Is The New Black” @ Joseph Gross Gallery

Posted on November 4, 2016

Knowledge Bennett is a self taught artist from Asbury Park, currently based in Lost Angeles. Drawing influence from 1960’s Pop Art, Knowledge creates large scale, hand pulled serigraphs on canvas. These pieces tackle modern issues of race and celebrity.


Bait and Switch (2016)

I met Knowledge years ago during his time as a gallerist in Asbury Park. He and his staff were exceptionally friendly, which can be a refreshing change. I stayed all evening and spoke about the work in the exhibition (the artist I’ve since forgotton), and the art world at large. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of following his career and watching him grow as an artist.


The Battle of Good and Evil (2016)

Bennett’s latest exhibition at Joseph Gross Gallery, Orange is the New Black draws a parallel to the the orange used in prison jumpsuits to address issues such as the mass incarceration of black males in the United States. The exhibition critiques the American government’s treatment of the black community throughout history. One piece entitled Serve & Protect vs. Seek & Destroy, features Daily News covers displaying articles about police brutality.


Serve & Protect vs. Seek & Destroy


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