Ted Papoulas “Sound Of All Things” @ Bridge Art Gallery

Posted on October 17, 2016

On Saturday October 15th, I stopped into Bridge Art Gallery in Bayonne to attend an artist talk by painter Ted Papoulas. Bridge Art Gallery is located in an unassuming building in Bayonne, NJ and has a beautiful interior split between white gallery walls and exposed brick. “Sound Of All Things” is the second exhibition presented by gallery founders Cheryl and Chris Mack.


Gouache under paintings in progress

“Sound Of All Things” is an exhibition containing illustrations created for the children’s book of the same title, as well as gouache under paintings of some works currently in progress. The exhibition as well as the subsequent artist talk shed light into the artist’s practice and gave a greater context to the body of work as a whole.


Ted Papoulas “Coney Island Boardwalk Perspective”

Ted Papoulas is a New York native currently living in Montclair, NJ. He creates romantic snapshots of a Brooklyn from years past using gouache and acrylic and a love of his home town. The artist keeps a high attention to detail without sacrificing the essence of the moment captured.


Ted Papoulas “Arriving At Coney Island”

Starting with sketches, Papoulas created story boards for the book one paragraph at a time. The artist then moves forward creating photo collages out of vintage photos and staged photos of models in period clothing. These collages allow Papoulas to adjust the composition digitally before putting any paint down. Next the under painting is created in gouache and photos were sent to the publishing company for approval. Upon approval a final acrylic painting is made above the gouache.


Ted Papoulas “Coney Island Boardwalk And Beach”

The entire project took about two years and countless hours and the final paintings display this labor of love. Not often is a childen’s book illustrated with such care, its truly a testament to everyone involved with the project. If you can make it out to Bayonne before October 29th, the gallery is open from 12-7 PM from Wednesday to Saturday.


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  1. Ted Papoulas
    October 18, 2016

    Raul, thanks for coming out to the show. It was nice chatting with you at the gallery and I’m glad you enjoyed the work. I just wanted to mention that the story in the book, The Sound of All Things, is based on the true and fascinating life of the author, Myron Uhlberg. He was the hearing child of two deaf parents growing up in Brooklyn in the 1930s and 40s. It was a pleasure to bring his story to life in paintings.


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