“When Language Meets Art” @ Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts

Posted on January 5, 2017

When Language Meets Art is an international juried exhibition at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts in Lubbock, TX.  The exhibition explores the intersection of language and contemporary art. Juror Gary Sweeney explores language in his own art practice and has selected artwork from a wide range of artists who utilize text in their work. I’m pleased to say this is my first time exhibiting in Texas and am thrilled to have been included among so many great artists.



Joel Armstrong
Raul Barquet
Michael Basinski and Ginny O’Brien
John Van Beekum
Noa Bornstein
Cat Boucher
Eddie Bruckner
Derrick Burbul
Peter Burgess
Justin Burrus
Linda Rae Coughlin
Sonya Cuellar
Diane Doty
Glenn Downing
Sandy Fortenberry
Cora Jane Glasser
Casey Arguelles Gregory
Matthew Gualco
Karen Gutfreund
Melinda Green Harvey
Pato Hebert
Karen Hillier
Gregory Jundanian
Wes Kline
Michael Koerner
Regina Latkany
Bachrun LoMele and Anna Dembska
Pauline Mills
Laurence and Myra Musgrove
Leah Oates
Milo Reid
Nadine Sabev
Emmet Sandberg
Stephanie Serpick
RICHard SMOLinski
Christopher Taylor
Eric Thayer
Gary Uribe
Joyce Matula Welch
Sean White
Melissa Wofford
Karen Frimkess Wolff
Katrina Wright
Georgia Zwartjes

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